Craft Beer Connoisseurship vs. Alcoholism

“When one knows something of the history of a thing, something about its power, influence, and potential, one is (hopefully) less inclined to simply see that thing as a mere medium for intoxicant.”

Are you masking an underlying alcohol dependency under the guise of craft beer “connoisseurship?” Here’s an interesting article regarding this issue that also, strangely, promotes the virtues of low-ABV session beers:

Also, a discussion about it on BeerAdvocate:

Men (and ladies), my hope is that you are drinking craft beer to appreciate its flavors and complexities rather than to get hammered drunk.  Of course if you do indeed struggle with alcoholism then by all means stop reading this, or any other alcohol-related blog, and please find the help and support you need to beat this addiction.

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One thought on “Craft Beer Connoisseurship vs. Alcoholism

  1. mattstarkpt says:

    I once saw a guy by 3 glasses of Pliny the Younger and chugged two of them before walking away from the bar. Definitely not in it for the taste. And what a waste of a fine beer.

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