Hi, I’m Will.

I was born in Los Angeles and currently live in Boston, by way of San Francisco and Philadelphia. Needless to say, I’ve been fortunate to live in some great cities with great beer and incredible food.

I’ve loved cooking ever since I was a little kid and would watch Yan Can Cook on Saturday mornings instead of cartoons. Later in life, I would watch the slightly edgier, original Iron Chef on PBS, broadcast in Japanese with English subtitles.  It always fascinated me how these chefs could throw together a gourmet 5-course meal based off of a mystery ingredient in just an hour. It seems I’m not alone, because since then there has been no shortage of spontaneous cooking competition programs on television. Everyday now I feel like I play a similar game with myself, looking into my refrigerator and seeing if I can make a delicious, balanced meal with the ingredients I have on hand, with my time constrained to “the time I get home from work” until “the time my wife gets too hungry and starts to make instant ramen,” which is roughly an hour and a half.  I like to think that I’ve become quite good at this game, and I’d like to share my insights with you, internet audience!

My interest in beer started a little later, in case you were worried. When I was in graduate school in San Francisco, I was introduced to the world of craft beer by some very savvy classmates, and have been hooked ever since.  A little while back, I started taking pictures of and reviewing the new beers that I tried to help me keep track of what beers I’ve had and what I thought of them.  I started posting the pictures on Instagram and since then it’s kind of become a mission of mine to taste and review as many craft beers as possible. I also love to incorporate beer into my meals, cooking with them as well as pairing them with my food. This is an art I am still honing and I hope you will be forgiving with me at my attempts at this.

So, you’re probably thinking, “Does the interwebs world really need another food blog?”  Well the answer my friends, is no, probably not. But whatever I don’t care.  I’m going to throw my hat into the ring as well and see how this turns out.

My hope is that you’ll find something new about my blog that interests you and that you can apply to your own kitchen and consumption practices.  I want people who read my blog to not just become better recipe followers, but better cooks as a whole.

Special thanks:
DJ Premvaree for coming up with this site’s delightful moniker @howdyDJ.

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