The great thing about searching blogs about [beer, food, whiskey, music, whatever] is finding that one special blog where the author has your kind of taste, palette, and preference in whatever it is you’re interested in. It’s more important to me to find that one person than to see what an aggregate of the general populous has to say about a certain food or restaurant. For example, the Billboard Top 100 tells me that I should be listening to Eminem feat. Rihanna and Pitbull feat. Ke$ha. Stop that! I would much rather get music rec’s from a good friend who I know has the same musical taste as I do. That being said, here are a few things I think you should know about my tastes to determine whether or not I can be that friend:

Favorite beer styles: American IPA, Stout, Pale Ale
Least favorite beer styles: Lambic, Belgian, English IPA
Favorite beer I have tried: Russian River Pliny the Elder
Least favorite beer I have tried: Foster’s. Australian for terrible beer.
Pet Peeve: Fruit in beer. EXCEPTION: Corona with lime for old time’s sake.

I hope you and I can be BFFs.

New to reviewing? If so check out my beer review primer for a quick how-to guide.

Also, for a quick reference of my reviews, check out my beer review spreadsheet, which is an idea I swiped from the Scotch Hobbyist (a great whiskey blog you should check out).

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