Welcome to Good Will Tasting. I have been wanting to start a food+beer blog for quite some time… and now, on a whim, in the middle of the work week, at 10 PM, I have started said blog. It’s really pretty exhilarating.

“So what’s this blog about? Food? Oh that’s original!” said no one ever in the 21st century.

…yes this blog is about food. So what makes me different from smitten kitchen? Well, for one thing, this blog is also about beer! And it’s also about food PAIRED with beer! What a concept.  There will probably be some scotch and bourbon shout-outs as well. Another difference is that I’m a dude. There aren’t many testosterone-fueled food blogs out there and I thought it would be nice to have a male perspective thrown into the mix. Hope I can hang. One more thing- I don’t have a DSLR. I have an iPhone with Camera+.  And it’s not even an iPhone 5. It’s a pre-Siri iPhone 4 with 5 shameful megapixels. So I guess that’s another thing that sets me apart.  Crappy photographs.

And that’s it! Here goes nothing. I really hope you will get something out of this because I’m really not sure if I am. Please enjoy my blog and keep coming back!


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One thought on “Pilot

  1. Kameron says:

    I’ve been thinking about writing a brief history of beer for my blog. I’ll keep you in my reader. 🙂

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